Chocolate Mushroom Bar


Mushroom Chocolate Bars contain an amazing blend of mushrooms and hemp that you’ll love! If you’re in the market for in microdosing or experiencing the psychoactive effects getting a bit more powerful, these chocolate bars are perfect suitable for you. Chocolate mushroom bar

Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Each delicious chocolate bar has the weight of 1.6 inches and comes with 12 pieces in each chocolate bar. In each bar, you will enjoy a special mix of Reishi Mushroom, Lions Mane mushrooms, and Chaga Mushroom as as well as Hemp Extract that is comprised of a low amount of CBDa, CBD, CBN as well as CBG to enhance the positive effects and euphoric properties that the mushrooms provide.

chocolate mushroom bar

chocolate mushroom bar

Chocolate Mushroom Bar

If you enjoy effects of creative energy and relaxation, you’ll love these Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bars.


Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Bar, Cookie Butter, Cookies and Cream, Dark Chocolate, Frost Cereal

Suggested Use

Consume 1 chocolate square for the first time to start developing your own tolerance . Then increase the dose in increments until you achieve the desired result.


Active, open-minded Positive, Creative, Uplifted Mood

Moderate – 4 to 6 Squares

Euphoric, Relaxed, Ponder, Uplifted Mood

Mega – 7 – 10 Squares

Sit down, impaired perception, Cognition shift

PRODUCT Specifications

Twelve Chocolates quares in every bar

A proprietary euphoric mix of the Lion’s Mane extract, Reishi mushroom extract Chaga extract, and rhodiola rosea per bottle.

Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Our products has quality psychoactive mushrooms that are the most popular method of microdosing. Not into microdosing? That’s ok! These items are simple to dose, so you can make a microdose or select the higher dose to get a more intense and intense euphoric sensation.

If you’re looking to see the world in an entirely different light Take one of these premium mushroom chocolates or Gummies.


Cocoa Mass Sugar, Cocoa Butter Milk Soy Lecithin Unbleached Flour Canola Oil, Fructose Syrup, Corn Starch, unsweetened Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, LionsMange Mushrooms, Chiaga Mushrooms and Reishi Mushrooms. Extract, Sea Salt, other flavors

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Mushroom Chocolate Bars contain a proprietary nootropics blend that creates a perfectly balanced and relaxed euphoric experience without psilocybin. You can try all five varieties of chocolate!

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