Polkadot Shroom Bars

Are you looking for a tasty and special dessert? Try the polka dot bar! These delicious sweets are made using real chocolate from mushrooms and are great for any celebration. polkadot shroom bar

Have you purchased a package of chocolates or a different kind of gift only to feel dissatisfied? It’s like there’s no special thing about your present and it’s another standard product priced at a ridiculously high cost. Polka dots bars are anything other than that kind of present However, you can be sure who you decide to gift these delicious snacks will relish every bite! Here’s why…


The Polka Dot Mushroom Bar is a brand-new product from the California-based Mindful Chef Chocolate Company. Since its inception the company’s the company’s founder Lissanne Lake has been dedicated to developing fun foods made from high-quality ingredients that will make your life more sustainable and healthier, as well as enabling to provide better options to all people, not just those who are health-conscious or foodies. But people like us who may not be aware of anything about nutrition but appreciate delicious food.

Polkadot Shroom Bar Review 

That’s the reason she created her company: to develop delicious foods that taste good and feel great without having us give up our favorite food items. Her most recent creation that she describes as the best thing I’ve eaten in my whole life, isn’t an exception. In fact If we had to pick one item that represents all she represents as an entrepreneur and chef I would choose these bars. Why? because they blend all of her objectives into one delicious package. They’re vegan, gluten-free and soy-free, they’re and are non GMO and kosher. They use only the finest ingredients; they are low in sugar (only 6.8 grams of sugar per bar) They use only organically sourced cocoa and they’re packaged in cute packaging, which makes them ideal for gifts. Additionally, they taste delicious.

polkadot shroom bar
polkadot shroom bar

POLKA DOT MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE BRAR 3.5G available for purchase

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