Akashic Cinnamon & Milk Chocolate


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Akashic Cinnamon & Milk Chocolate


The Akashic Chocolate Bar holds the collective consciousness of all beings who have lived on earth across all time. This amazing database can be accessible through the consumption of the Magical Mushroom and also contains a vast array of lifetime experiences. All the answers to every question are contained within the AkashicRecords. Trip Safely ! !




Akashic Chocolate Bar


Now, you may be wondering what the reason to opt for dried shrooms that have been dried with chocolate? The short answer is that our milk chocolate bar is not just delicious, but also prepared to lift you up.

As delicious as dried mushrooms are, they’re not perfect. Many psychonauts report they eat dried mushroom could cause stomach upsets. This is because magic mushrooms possess tough cell walls made of a chemical called chitin. Chitin can be difficult to digest, and can cause discomforts like nausea and gastric bloating.

Shroom Chocolate Bars


Many people opt to just make a shroom tea. But, we’ve have decided to make a delicious and tasty mushroom food that is ready to eat with no preparation needed.

Using the Magic Akashic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Recreationally

Our Milk Chocolate Bar was created with the pleasure of being outdoors in mind. These amazing chocolate bars are the ideal accompaniment to an outing or peaceful time in the home. A dose in the Milk Chocolate Bar is perfect for a stroll or an afternoon at the beach. You’ll feel more energetic, energized and in total admiration of the beauty around you.

Shroom Bars


You’ll also be at ease with the natural world and in tune with those around you. It’s difficult to keep your laughter at bay as our chocolate bars are pure delight. A day spent inside is equally enjoyable. You’ll be energized and creative when you do whatever it is you set the goal of.



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