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GALAXY LAB Mushroom Bars | Buy Galaxy Lab Shroom Bar | Galaxy Lab Mushroom For Sale

With your $45 donation you will receive one chocolate bar. There are 3.5 grams of mushroom in each chocolate bar. All bar are made buy a professional chocolatier. galaxy lab mushroom bars

FLAVOUR & PROPERTIES | Buy Galaxy Lab shroom Bars

Our Galaxy Shroom Bars are made with premium quality, Callebaut Belgian Milk Chocolate. This creamy smooth, milky sweet chocolate is the perfect treat for your day. GalaxyChocolate is a classic that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.


Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dry Whole Milk, Unsweetened Chocolate, Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Psilocybin Cubensis.

Galaxy lab Mushroon FlavorsĀ 

1- Cookies and Cream
2- Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds
3- Milk Chocolate with Peppermint


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