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Chocolate mushrooms

Chocolate Shrooms Don’t you want to know if that mushrooms tasted better? Shroom bar. Chocolate bar with shrooms. 1 Up shroom bars

We’re here to fulfill this wish by offering Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar! Chocolate made from mushrooms
The magic of our chocolate shrooms:
Great flavorA chocolate bar that will make you scream the face of your friend. Is that not the ultimate dream? Shrooms bar

Clear High This chocolate bar to create a pure high that doesn’t cause you to crash after the initial high. Chocolate with shrooms
True Psycho-Dark Experience. Just because it doesn’t taste as mushrooms does not mean that it’s not. You will not notice a reduction in the value of your experience. In fact, you may choose to try edibles!

If you want to remain elegant and discrete, having a nibble of some chocolate is the best way to go.

Versatile dosage The 3.5g of mushrooms found in this chocolate are divided into a variety of doses. Every square in this bar is packed with approximately .6g in Magic Mushrooms in it, and each bar is 3.5g. If you’re looking for a micro-dose or a complete journey the chocolate bar is sure to satisfy your needs. Shrooms bar

This is a fantastic idea to decorate your home! Have a cookout with a group of friends, take in some smokey BBQ and then wash it down with a cup of Magic Mushroom Chocolate for dessert. We’ll be grateful when everyone starts bubbling!

Quality Ingredients

100% fruiting-bodies of mushrooms

USDA Certified Organic

The wood is grown on the natural substrate, if applicable.

Steam is processed to improve bio-availability and absorption

No additional starch, mycelium or grain and fillers, of any type

Third-party tests are conducted by an accredited laboratory

Lab results from internal tests

Get yours now! 1 Up bar of shrooms

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The shroom is part of the genus Psilocybe Cubensis is a well-known and rapid-growing species. The species is the first to be discovered through John W. Allen, an amateur researcher who has found various varieties of magical mushrooms from all over the world.

Chocolate bars made of shrooms. chocolate bars with shrooms

Psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound created by magical mushrooms. The fact that the psilocybin fungi are safe, healthy and effective is the most important information to be aware of. They are a potent remedy for herbal use the magic mushrooms have proven effectiveness for treating conditions such as PTSD as well as depression, addiction, and chronic anxiety. Magic mushrooms can boost motivation and creativeness, as well as assist in reducing anxiety with lower doses. Begin slowly and gradually and slowly, taking just a little (under 25 mg).

Maintain the vapor inside your lungs for as long you can prior to exhaling. The effects will take a few minutes to develop. DMT dosages differ between individuals. When you take 25 mg of DMT, you may experience minimal physical and mental negative consequences. A dosage of 25-50 mg results in a more intense feeling, with periods lasting between 5 and 15 minutes. This dosage may or may not trigger an out-of-body sensation or hallucinations throughout the body based on the person. It is not advised for those who are not experienced to take any dose greater than 50 mg as it is believed to be extremely powerful. Every kind of mushroom is good for all of us regardless dimension, colour, or previous the amount of experience.


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