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Moon Chocolate Bar: A Unique Twist on Traditional Chocolate

Moon100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid ChocolateBarBy Kyle Battle Updated February 24th. moon chocolate bar

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I was huddled under my umbrella as I walked into the gym before going to work. It was a leg day, so I did some lunges and leg presses as I got prepared for the first of my meetings. When I came from the bath, I got an email stating that the meeting had been rescheduled and I wouldn’t need to visit the office. Then, suddenly gifted with a full day to fill up, and soreness forming in my legs, it was time to go to my favorite dispensary for edibles. This was the first time I experienced Moon100mg THC Blasted Toffee Hybrid ChocolateBar.

Moon Chocolate Bar Flavors

Are you a chocolate lover looking for a new and exciting flavor experience? Look no further than Moon Chocolate Bar! Our selection of unique and delicious flavors will satisfy any sweet tooth. From classic milk chocolate to exotic combinations like lavender and sea salt, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Discover our flavors now and indulge in a heavenly chocolate experience.

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If you’re a chocolate lover looking for something new and exciting, Moon Chocolate Bar is the perfect choice. Our selection of unique and delicious flavors will satisfy any sweet tooth. From classic milk chocolate to exotic combinations like lavender and sea salt, our chocolate bars are sure to delight your taste buds. So why wait? Try Moon Chocolate Bar today and indulge in a heavenly chocolate experience.


Packaging, Labeling and Product Design

The packaging of Moon bars stands available on every shelf. The intergalactic font and the modern text box are layered over a background which resembles a storm over the moon, with thick cumulus clouds as well as a crater-field and desolate the horizon. All of it is tinted in orange.

The reverse of the resealable packaging displays nutritional information and is surround by numerous safety warnings. One states that states the product is intend to be consume by people aged 21 or older. Another that states it is a source of substances that can cause birth defects. Cancer or reproductive harm another informing it was made with nuts in the process used to create the bar, and another warning that the chocolate bar is made of milk.

The packaging also describes the amount of doses that are contain in one bar(10) as well as handle on social networks. The ingredients and a scale divided into 10mg sections that identify the appropriate amount required for a dose. There are also stickers to indicate those that were test with the manufacture date as well as the date of packaging and an “Best By” Date. Along with identification numbers of the laboratory sample as well as the entire lot and test sample.

The bottom of the page suggests eating 1 serving (10mg) and rest for 45 minutes before waiting for the effects to take effect.

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Once you open the packaging, you’ll notice the long, milk chocolate colored bar broken down into doses. It’s similar to one of those long Tootsie Rolls but more firm and also with ” THC ” engraved on every dose. This product looks like a traditional chocolate bar, making it easy to confuse for any other chocolate bar, cannabis-infused or not. It is easy to carry anywhere without worrying.
One thing the packaging doesn’t provide is exactly what you can be expecting. Beyond THC, chocolate and chocolate being included the package doesn’t include a description of terpenes, or terpene profiles, that explain what flavor or effects to expect.

Quality and Ease of Use

When you’ve had a bite of the bar, it has a nice dark chocolate flavor that isn’t overpowering. I don’t really like dark chocolate, the combination of earthiness, chocolate and toffee is just right and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. Even more enhanced by the properly chilled, the Moonbar is simple to handle and does not leave a greasy remnant. It’s also not too dry which is vital for enjoying chocolate products.

Potency, Effectiveness & Affordability

I started with a single dose to determine if I needed to take more due to my inability to tolerate food however, I did not. After consuming just 10mg the high began to develop and I’d guess that those with a mature tolerance to eating would appreciate.
Black hole As a light chocolate consumer, with a little distaste for dark chocolate, this bar was above my expectations.
I cut the dose into five bites and after 30 minutes, the effects really began to show its effects. My eyelids drooped and my legs that were aching grew heavier. And I began feeling like comet spouting out of the sky and the couch’s corner was a dark hole. Each muscle of my body was relaxed starting from the small muscles of my face. Up to my shoulders and down to my feet, which I didn’t have the courage to get off my shoes. In general, I felt similar to the effects experienced by indica flower, but less pronounced.


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