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Mycobar Mushroom Chocolate Bar


Mycobar chocolate bar with mushrooms is among the most popular names you’ll hear when talking about the magical mushrooms chocolate bars. It is because of its outstanding quality and delicious flavor. Mycobar’s mushroom bars are among the first to introduce to chocolates made from mushrooms. The term “psychedelics” was once thought to be an unpopular subject, but they are now being accepted by more every day. This is because of the evidence by scientific research that proves the benefits they have for health.

How to Trip For The First Time: Mycobar Chocolate Bars Style

You must ensure that your calendar is in order and you don’t have anything other to do.
Be sure to be calm and relaxed
Be sure that you are in a positive mental state.
It is recommended for newbies to go on their first travel experience with a group of friends and those you’re comfortable with.
Also, you should have a decent playlist set up so that you can unwind and relax the trip
Expect to experience higher levels of relaxation as well as imaginative thinking.
N.B The following is always advised to keep some water nearby

Mycobar Mushroom Chocolate Flavors

The Mycobar team of mushroom experts has come up with four insane flavors. The flavors comprise:
Dark Chocolate
Cookies & Cream
Strawberry & Cream
Hazelnut Chocolate
With this incredible flavor, you can be sure of the most memorable trips, accompanied by a delicious chocolate bar.
Mycobar Mushroom Bar Ingredients
Mycobar’s mushroom bars are created using these ingredients
Premium Dark Chocolate
Cocoa beans, sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin Natural Vanilla.

Magic Mushrooms

Some of the magical mushrooms that are use to make MK chocolates with mushrooms are:
Golden Teacher The golden teacher is a smoky, light and cloud-like. Some of the most frequent effects associated with the gold teacher include spiritual awakening, enhanced color, visual distortion and emotional connection.
Avery Albino : This mushroom is a balanced high that gives you the classic trippy experience. The frequent effects are hallucinations, laughter, time dilation and spiritual awakening.
Penis the Envy The fungus has an extremely high sensation and sensitivity. The most common symptoms include blurred visions, unimpeded energy, euphoria, and sensory enhancements.

Benefits of Microdosing With Mycobar Mushroom Chocolate


Microdosing is one of the most popular trending topics recently, and many are always wondering what kind of mushroom bar to choose to ensure that they get the most beneficial experiences. Here are a few reasons why you should consider microdosing with the lyt bar:

1, It helps the focus
2, It enhances energy and creativity.
3, It improves emotional and spiritual capacity.
4, It enhances coordination and increases productivity.
5, It reduces stress and anxiety.
6, It reduces fatigue and depression.
7, It helps reduce Mood disorders as well as ADHD/ADD, and PTSD.


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