Polka Dot Potion 4g


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Available Flavors 

Guava Cream

Frozen Grape

Orange Creamsicle

Sour Martinelli

Dragonfruit Lemonade

Pink Star










Polka Dot Potion 4g

Polkadot magic mushroom shroom syrup is one of the newest and most sought after mushrooms.With its recent growth of being one the best shroom brands in the World. The Polka Dot Potion is a highly potent syrup infused with 4g of magic mushrooms. Recommended for for experienced clients who prefer microdosing . Polka dot shroom potion

Our 4 Gram blend of shroom syrup is a magical mix that will give you a boost of energy and focus. You’ll be able to take on any task with ease and feel great , polkadot edibles, to mention a few. The polkadot syrup is available in different flavors, including:

1, Guava Cream

2, Banana Chip

3, Orange Creamsicle

These are just a few of the most well-known flavors of polkadot syrup. Each flavor has its own distinct and distinctive taste. The tastes are certainly worth a taste .


Polka Dot Shroom Potion


If it is the time to take microdosing , the polkadot syrup Potionis one of the best psilocybin available with plenty of advice from medical experts. For people who are just beginning, it is best to start with a tiny quantity (2-3 teaspoons mixed into mineral or water). Because it is rich in nutrients and it takes 30 minutes to one hour to have any effect in the body. Some of effects include:

* Increase brain cell growth

* Increase the focus level and help in depression

It helps ease stress and fatigue.

* Happiness

* Euphoria


Polkadot Mushroom Potion


If you are trying to have an extended and lasting psychoactive experience, then the Polkadot syrup is one of the most sort about cannabis and psilocybin products in recent times. The advantages are similar to other edible psychedelic mushrooms like chocolate mushrooms or the shroom-flavored chocolate bar.

The quantity of THC content contained in the polkadot syrup must be kept at a low and safe amount so that it can promote an enjoyable experience and avoid overdose. THC syrup offers security and extremely powerful levels of marijuana for the sophisticated consumer. These are rapid-acting shrooms mixed by 4g of the magic blend chocolate bar. The effects can kick in at a speed of 35mins after consumption. Always make sure to allow at least an hour before drinking more in order for the effects to feel.

Polka Dot Potion Review


The Polkadot syrup recipe is a wonderful option for those suffering from chronic inflammations and pains nausea and vomiting symptoms in people.

Be aware in mind that adverse negative side consequences can occur when you take in massive quantities for people who are new to the market.

The first time users are always advised to begin by taking a small amount of the drug before you are experimenting. Shroom Potions is popular due to its flexibility and can be taken in different ways. By both experienced and new users of psychedelics alike. Also, those who are brand new should begin with lower amounts and work toward discover the ideal quantity.




Guava Cream, Pink Star, Blue Cotton Candy, Banana Chip, Orange Creamsicle, Mango Sorbet, Lychee Sour Fizz, Cream De La Menthe, Limoncello, Watermelon Agua Fresca, Frozen Grape, Dragonfruit Lemonade

Polka Dot 4G Potion

Guava Cream, Frozen Grape, Orange Creamsicle , Sour Martinelli, Dragonfruit Lemonade, Pink Star


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