Microcaps 3000mg Psilocybin Microdosing Caps (15x200mg)


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Taking Psilocybin Mushrooms at a sub-hallucinogenic level is considered a “microdose”. Integrating microdosing into your life can improve your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Its benefits include an uplift in mood, a boost in clarity and improved energy. It is often used to cope with anxiety, stress and addiction. russell microcap index

Shroomies’ Microcaps delivers the perfect dose of mushrooms required to enhance your well-being, while still allowing you to function. Each capsule contains Ginger Root Extract, which will reduce nausea that is often experience during ingestion of Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Prepare to level up in various aspects of your existence.


For microdosing: Take 1 capsule every 3 days in the morning.
For pleasure: Take 3-5 capsules for beginners or 5-7 capsules for veterans.

Bottle Contains: 15 x 200mg capsules for a total of 3000mg per bottle.

Ingredients: 200mg Psilocybin Mushrooms, 10mg Organic Ginger Root
Made with vegan capsules

What Is the Russell Microcap Index?


This consists of the smallest 1,000 securities in the small-cap Russell 2000 Index, plus the next 1,000 smallest eligible securities based on a combination of their market capitalization and current index membership weight.

The index’s broad scope is intend to provide an objective list of the smallest trading securities that are still in compliance with requirements for listing on exchanges. Therefore, over-the-counter (OTC) stocks as well as pink sheet securities are not include.


Other Russell Microcap Indices


In addition to the Microcap Index, Russell maintains a Microcap Growth (with 869 holdings) and a Microcap Value Index(1,058 holdings).

The Russell Microcap Growth Index measures the performance of the microcap growth segment of the U.S. equity market. It includes Russell Microcap companies that are consider more growth oriente relative to the overall market as define by Russell’s leading style methodology. Similarly, the Russell Micro capValue Index includes Russel Microcap companies that are consider more value-oriented .




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