wonderland mushroom chocolate bars


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Wonderland mushroom chocolate bars available now in stock , Chocolate bars available now , Psilo gummies in stock , Buy mushroom online.. Wonderland mushroom chocolate bars accessible now in stock , Chocolate bars accessible now , Psilo chewy candies in stock , Purchase mushroom on the web. Wonderland Chewy candies Wizardry Mushroom Mixed Chewy candies are for you in case you disdain the kind of consuming dried charm mushrooms.

These delectable psilocybin-infused chewy confections show up in a combination of flavors while at this point giving a serious kick. An extraordinary choice for individuals who are new to Wizardry Mushrooms or experienced with hallucinogenics as each piece contains 300mg of witchcraft wonderland mushroom chocolate bars.Flavor: Watermelon wonderland mushroom chocolate barsSorcery Mushroom Content: Each pack contains 10 pieces (300mg/piece) for a full scale 3,000mg of mushrooms.Enchantment Mushroom Strain: Psilocybin Cubbins’s.

Dose Directions: For a Historical center Portion, drink 2 chewy confections incredibly an hour and a half until need influences are achieved. For a Hallucinogenic Excursion Portion, consume 6 chewy confections and add 3 chewy confections every hour and a half until needed influences are achieved.


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